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About me and this site

Info on this site for jazz compositions and jazz music for all musicians

I am an American composer and humorist living in Paris (see bio). I write music in many different styles, and this website is specifically devoted to my jazz-based compositions, in particular my collection of lead sheets "The Well-Tempered Axe" and my "zzonatas" for various instruments.

"Zzonata" is a term I made up to designate a composition in the jazz idiom (with swing eighth notes, etc.) intended for classically-trained musicians. Unlike real jazz, which would incorporate improvisation, in a zzonata everything is written out. My zzonatas can be thought of as the improvisations I would play based on my jazz tunes if life on earth were perfect and I were capable of playing about twelve different instruments really, really well.

My humor writing, and more music, can be found on my site "Quorum of One".