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The Well-Tempered Axe

The unreal book of 24 jazz tunes, one in each major and minor key - FREE DOWNLOAD

The Well-Tempered Axe by David Jaggard is a collection of 24 original jazz tunes in the form of lead sheets. They range in style and difficulty from easy ballads and blues to fast, chromatic bebop. Each of the jazz tunes is in a different key, going chromatically up from Bb and alternating major and minor to cover all 24 tonalities, with a "bonus" tune in Bb major at the end. The keys were carefully chosen so that whether you're looking for jazz for trumpet, jazz for saxophone, jazz for piano, or jazz for any instrument whatsoever (jazz for accordion, jazz for organ, flute, piccolo, bassoon, oboe, viola, cello, tuba, you name it) you will find lead sheets of original, playable jazz tunes that fit the range of your instrument.

The Well-Tempered Axe should be of particular interest to young musicians who are learning to play and improvise in every key as well as accomplished jazz musicians looking for original material.

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Download The Well-Tempered Axe in PDF format:

For C instruments
For Bb instruments
For Eb instruments