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Lennie's Pennies Lyrics

Lyrics by David Jaggard for the tune "Lennie's Pennies" by Lennie Tristano

I wrote these lyrics years ago out of admiration for Lennie Tristano's composition "Lennie's Pennies" based on the changes of "Pennies from Heaven." If you use these lyrics in any way, please let me know.

Upstairs in the bedroom
on the top of the dresser
by the alarm clock in a giant glass jar,
are the pennies Lennie empties from his trousers pockets
when he gets home every evening.

And - they never get spent,
the pile's been growing for seventeen years.
They must be worth a hundred thousand million billion trillion drillion killion zillion bucks.

They're an eyesore and they have no practical use,
they take up lots of space,
they have no collector's value
and there's not much chance of Lennie losing them
pitching pennies with the young guys who hang around the local pool hall
or playing games of penny ante poker.
And you know damn well that there's even less chance
of him rolling 'em in paper wrappers.

So they sit there and grow in numbers, heavier every day.

(last time only, slower:)
Pennies from hell!

©1995 by David Jaggard